Chris Davis

Born in Hazel Crest, Illinois, on March 2, 1982, Christopher Davis was the first born son of Pastor Christopher Davis and loving wife Angela Davis. He was raised in Harvey, Illinois where he attended Sandburg Elementary. He didn’t know it then, but that’s where his passion for music was cultivated.

At the age of 9, he decided to join the concert band. The trumpet was his horn of choice! His parents allowed him to play music to teach self-discipline and sacrifice. It wasn’t until he was 15 that he decided to really take music seriously. Instead of focusing on teenage girls and sports, Davis devoted his time to his true passion, music and God. Definitely not in that order.  At 16, it paid off. He received an acceptance letter from Northern Illinois University. He immediately joined the Jazz and Wind Ensemble and later became part of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the youngest amongst his peers and successful nonetheless. Davis was the only trumpeter at the time to be in all of the university’s premier ensembles simultaneously.  He eventually received his bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies, in 2005.

Some of his teachers and mentors include David Spencer, Mark Ponzo, Art Davis, Orbert Davis as well as Ron Carter, and Ronnie Wooten. After college, Davis decided to take what he’d learned around the world for all to see via Carnival Cruise Lines, where he played with people from all walks of life, carrying a piece of each mentor in the breathe of every note.

After a year of traveling, Davis decided it was time to come home to dedicate his time to igniting a torch in both his church family and his local community as well. He soon found a job at Seton Academy, in South Holland, Illinois where he wore many hats. He was the Director of Music for the Beginning, Concert, and Pep bands as well as the Jazz Combo, Seton Soul Drummers and The Voices of Seton. He taught an introduction to music class which is a survey of music history.

Shortly before he was hired at Seton, he became the Director of New Sound Orchestra, at Family Christian Center, in Munster, Indiana. There he is responsible for transcribing and arranging music for the church orchestra as well as conducting weekly rehearsals. He’s since been named “2007 Volunteer of the Year” for his continual dedication and sacrifice.

As if working at the academy and the church weren’t enough to occupy his time, Davis has made room in his life to do some freelance work in the Chicago area. He has worked with world music ensembles: Funkadesi and Picante and remains with Picante currently. He has also played with Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Dennis Edwards’ The Temptations Review, Phil Tarver, Ron Kenoly, the Clarke Sisters, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, and Motown group The Four Tops.

When Davis isn’t working with well known musicians, or his students at school, or directing the music department at church, he enjoys spending his time cultivating a band of his own called The Chris Davis Jazztet.